Why our rentals are so affordable

If you have ever searched for an affordable home that is worth living in then you know how hard it is to find. There are homes out there to put it in simple terms are dumps!  You are invited to take a closer look at the homes or properties we have available.  We feel that after doing so you'll truly see what an opportunity and great deal we can offer. 

At MRM Industries   we reward a good history with a great deal on a great home. By doing this we have families that remain for years! We only do a 2 year lease.

Your 2 year lease get's you 10% off. 

  • Where you live is YOUR home!  
  • When a tenant has a need or request to add to a homes features we are always willing to help. 
  • Each family has different needs. We work with you to help fill your families home needs. 
  • We offer affordable stable rent at a discount with no increase in exchange for tenants taking care of simple maintenance of the home. 
  • MRM Industries has tenants that have enjoyed this opportunity for over 15 years. That says a lot!

By offering all this and more it becomes a win win arrangement.



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