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 Real Estate From The Ground Up!

 Port Angeles WA

Since 1985.

MRM Industries business model started with the reality that people are always trying to save money where they can to meet their monthly financial needs. If you are paying top dollar each month for rent then you are more than likely always looking for a better deal.   If after looking you find a better deal then chances are that you would need to move to save money. This is understandable and simple common sense. We all do what we have to do in providing for our families.  

MRM Industries believes that by giving a family a great home at a great price, in the long run becomes a win win situation. You save money on a very nice home and we have little turnover with tenants who stay for years. 


You can contact us at any time by simply Emailing mrm@olypen.com 

We reply within 24 hrs. If you prefer us to call you back please tell us what number to call and who to ask for.


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